Some facts about beer

Q. Who was the first American to brew a lager type beer ?

Ans: The first US lager was brewed in 1840 by John Wagner, who had a small brewery in the back of his house on St. John Street in Philadelphia. Wagner brought the first lager yeast to the United States from a brewery in Bavaria. Because of the entrenched ale tradition, it then took nearly 40 years for lager beer to gain a foothold and to outsell ale.

Q. Why did British pub patrons at one time favor ceramic mugs with whistles molded into the rim or the handle ?

Ans: The whistle was blown to get service when a refill was needed. This is where the expression “wet your whistle” originated.

The next question is for you:

Q. What is the name given to the white pattern of foam that is formed from the head of beer as the beer is consumed ?

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