Lexington Craft Beer Week and KY Ale Brew-Off!

What’s a craft beer drinker’s idea of heaven? An entire week dedicated to the delicious brews, of course! While here at Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co. we’ve celebrated American Craft Beer Week for 7 years with our annual homebrewing competition, this year is the first the entire city has hopped on board and we’re getting to enjoy a plethora of events around town dedicated to enjoying some tasty craft brews. You can check our lexbeerscene.com for a full listing of all the events, or for those we are involved in specifically, see the flier below.


Also, please join us for the KY Ale Brew-Off this Saturday at our brewery at 401 Cross Street in Lexington from 10 am to 5 pm. This will be the first year we’re making it into a public event, with food trucks, KY Ale on draft, homebrewing booths, music, giveaways, two-for-one tours, and more! Free entry. You and your friends need to come out and have a good time and watch our homebrewing entrants in action!

Brewing the best craft beers.

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